Reviews & Testimonials

"I did a lead climbing session with Tom and he made it so simple and easy for me to understand that I was belaying him and leading very quickly. Love his coaching style and would definitely recommend him if you want to learn something new, or build on things you know already." Erika

"Explained movement techniques really clearly and patiently" Tilly

"Tom is an intelligent and intuitive coach with an awesome eye for detail. He has a wealth of experience and knows where small technical changes make the world of difference to your climbing and confidence. He is also a very friendly, happy and smiley bloke!!" B Carol

"He had a good understanding of our current climbing ability and confidence levels. He talked though reasonable (attainable) actions to talk throughout the session and afterwards without being patronising.

He used the coaching models really well, not just talking through them at the start but actually putting them into practise at the crag. I personally really struggle to trust trad gear, coming from indoor and sport climbing. His use of the DISCO acronym was really helpful for improving my confidence in recognising good/bad gear placements- he talked me through visually assessing the gear and then physically testing it to reinforce my trust in it.

Added bonus of finishing of with a debrief bin the pub!" Gemma

"Top lad. I find myself always motivated by his positivity." Gavin Hart

"Just jumping in to say I highly recommend Tom, two thoroughly enjoyable and educational days in the Peak covering both sport and trad leading." Clare Rose Freeman