Climbing coaching

Courses to learn to lead climb outside, on sport or trad, and tailored coaching days to make you a more effective and safe sport or trad climber.

Climbing coaching and guiding

As a RCDI qualified professional climbing coach, I get the privilege of helping lots of people to achieve their climbing goals or take their first steps into the exciting world of outdoor traditional and sport climbing. My work is based on a client centred, progression based approach focused on helping you achieve your dream climbing goals in the way that works best for you.

I am a high level climber myself having climbed E8 trad, 8a sport and bouldered V10. I transfer what I have learnt from my own climbing journey into what I coach to help you make the most gains you possibly can in a streamlined way. This broad range of personal experience really separates me from the majority of qualified climbing coaches allowing me to have both high level teaching skills and a fantastic pool of knowledge from which to teach! In the past this has helped me to coach everyone from youth competition squads to those trying to break into the low extreme grades to people taking their first outdoor climbing steps while suffering from severe anxiety. All of these individuals made impressive progress towards their goals. It doesn’t matter what standard you are at, coaching is good for everyone!

If you would like coaching to improve your current trad or sport skills, want to learn to lead outside or have a special project you want help with please get in touch and I will do everything I can to help you achieve your aims!


Courses and coaching days

Learn to lead sport: 1-1 £200pppd 1-2 £110pppd

Depending on whether or not you have experience leading indoors, this is either a 1 or 2 day course. Centred around creating, safe, efficient and effective sport leaders this is an enjoyable course, containing lots of learning on all the skills needed to manage leading and belaying to a high level of competency in the variable outdoor environment of the UK. Once safe competent practice is achieved the course shifts more to a performance focus to really get the most out of your new skills and proof them for all your future adventures!

Improve your sport climbing: 1-1 £200pppd

1-2 £110pppd


The aim of this course is to take an already competent sport climber, observe their climbing and work out areas for maximum improvement. Focusing on technique and tactics to improve performance on rock without having to slave away on a fingerboard for months! The course will begin with an initial in depth analysis of your route reading skills, rest usage, movement style, pacing … etc to give us our areas of focus for the rest of the day. This course comes with a written review and “moving forward” plan to really help you get the most gain out of our time at the crag.

Learn to lead trad: 1-1 £200pppd 1-2 £110pppd

In order to do this course you must be a competent indoor leader and ideally have some experience of outdoor sport climbing. Over two days we will cover all the elements needed for you to become a competent trad climber who can second and lead safely and effectively. We cover topics such as trad movement skills, gear placement, rigging an anchor, seconding, belaying from above…etc. At the end of this course you should have a solid idea of the basics of trad climbing and feel confident going away to consolidate your knowledge in your own time. As ever this course should be fun, informative and an invaluable experience in your development as a climber.

Improve your trad climbing: 1-1 £200

1-2 £110pppd

This course is designed around your requirements to improve your trad skills and make you a more effective climber on the lead without compromising safety. Discussion and observation will be used to work out the areas for maximum improvement in your climbing so that we can then work together to address these issues and improve your overall performance.  Things we may cover are as broad ranging as mental tactics, falling on gear or advanced movement skills. It all just depends on what is most relevant to you! As with the sport days these come with a written review and “moving forward” plan to really help you get the most out of our time together.

Single pitch guiding/ specialist services: price dependant on requirements, decided after consultation.

Maybe you have a dream route you just can’t quite lead? Maybe you would love to do a link up challenge on the grit and need a leader? Maybe you have aspirations further afield and would like coaching on a trip or holiday?  For any of those slightly more complicated or off the wall requests please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I love an adventure and would love to help with yours!

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Bookings and questions:


All courses will be tailored to meet your personal needs and to really get the best out of the time available for you! To make a booking or to enquire about any element of a course or coaching day please send me an email, text, give me a call or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram and I will get back to you as soon as possible.